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This site is funded with my own money but is improved on with support from the community. I have a full time job and this site is not a means of income for me by any stretch of the imagination. I test and post data in my spare time because audio and science are two passions of mine and this is a great way for me to marry the two. I share the data with those who share the interest. Unfortunately, it is not cheap to do this kind of thing the right way and it takes time. The test hardware costs money. Test items (drive units, speakers, etc) cost money. Driving around picking up and shipping items costs money.

If you find this site helpful and want to support the cause there are a few ways you can do so below. Your support helps me pay for new items to test, hardware, miscellaneous items needed for testing and costs of the site’s server space and bandwidth. Any help is very much appreciated.

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