Neumi BS5 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Intro I stumbled on talk of the Neumi BS5 speaker recently in the context of a potential high-value speaker.

Jamo S807 Floorstanding Speaker Review

YouTube Video Review version: Intro First off, I’ll just save you a lot of trouble if you’re a casual reader or someone wanting to know if they should buy these speakers for budget friendly hi-fi stereo use: Do not buy these speakers.

Buchardt Audio S400 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Intro: A few months ago, I came across a forum post that touched on Buchardt Audio’s S400 bookshelf speaker.

Rythmik Audio F12G Direct Servo Subwoofer In-Depth Review

Foreword: Rather than discuss only the performance of the enclosed subwoofer, I want to present some more, detailed information that not even some manufacturers are able to obtain.