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Time Alignment 101

For instructions on how to use this calculator, please watch the below video.

If you do not quite understand the concept of Time Alignment make sure to start the video at the beginning for a concise explanation.

Temperature and Humidity

Enter the Temperature and Humidity. If you do not know then use google to get your local weather or just go with the default 70°Fahrenheit and 50% Humidity listed.

Temperature °Fahrenheit

Humidity %

Speaker Measurements

Please input measured distances from each speaker to the listening position in inches (to one decimal point), below. The more precise the measurement the more accurate the results will be. If you enter values for the crossovers, then that method will be used for the TA calcs. Leave them blank and the more 'traditional' method will be used.

Will this be a 2-way or 3-way?
Is this a Pioneer setup?

Enter the appropriate high pass (HP) and low pass (LP) crossover frequency for each item

NOTE: this is experimental, and may not work for you. Try it and see :)


T/A Settings In Milliseconds(ms)

Enter these values in your DSP

1/2 cycle:
1/4 cycle:

Moving The Stage

This is to be done only after you feel your focus is correct, but you simply want to shift the stage.

For example, you've tuned the EQ and set levels and delay. However, if you still feel the stage is skewed so that the center is toward the right some distance. You enter the distance you wish to shift the stage and the calculations below will give you approximate numbers so that your time alignment isn't off from your levels, otherwise causing you to lose the focus.

Move stage inches


Adjust the following:

  • Left time delay ms
  • Right time delay ms
  • Left level by db
  • Right level by db